We are pleased to announce that on Jan-2014, we have done enhancements in our application and here is the summary.
  • Google Map 2014
  • Two more Map options ‘Nokia Map’ and ‘Google Earth’
  • Geo fence creation – it gives option to set the timing for the alarm effect.
  • Vehicle plate number appears in map along with icon
  • In Status report, the mileage column is added to show the distance travelled between the status.
  • Introduced new report – Drive IN POI Round Area Report.
We thank you for your overwhelming support for us.

For Demo
Enter userid and password as btdemo
Choose Plate No or Username before entering login details.
User ID:
Remember Me

  • Compatible to browsers:IE6,IE6+,FireFox 3.0,FireFox 3.0+
  • If login by Plate NO is chosen, then enter registered vehicle ID in User ID textbox
  • The remember me option once clicked will store the login details in system and it will populate automatically in the textbox. The user has to just click on Login button without entering login details again.